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HPP and Raw Petfood

Raw pet food recalls have recently been in the media. High Pressure Processing (HPP) is being successfully utilized by companies to mitigate this risk. HPP keeps raw pet food safe, while maintaining the taste and nutrition. As a result, raw pet food manufacturers are turning towards HPP to help meet their food safety needs. CPC member Steve’s Real Foods, a raw pet food brand, has been using HPP for more than two years to help keep their pet food safe; Instinct Pet Food has been using HPP technology for even longer to help keep their pet food safe.

In addition, the FDA has recently released industry guidance on pet food safety. Be sure to read the full document to learn more.

We invite you to discover more about how HPP keeps your pet food safe and healthy for your pets. Check out these presentations and publications by CPC members that describe HPP’s usage and advantages.

Challenges and Research Advances of HPP for Pet Food

Grace Danao, a research associate professor at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, presented for Hiperbaric on the challenges and research advancements of HPP for raw pet food. She explained that HPP can be used to keep pet food safe from pathogens and other contamination.

The Science Behind the Potential Health Benefits of the HPP Raw Pet Food Diet

Hiperbaric uses scientific facts to help you make informed decisions about your pet’s diet. They assessed clinical studies about the health effects of HPP on raw pet food and found that HPP used helped maintain pet food safety.

Learn From Our Members

New to High Pressure Technology? Learn more about the process from Founding Members of the Cold Pressure Council, Hiperbaric and JBT Avure!



Raw, never heated juices. Would you want to drink a juice that had been cooked?

Neither do we.

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Dips & Salsas

Fresh un-cooked salsas, salad dressings, Gazpacho, fresh tomato sauces, guacamole, pice de gallo, dairy based dressings, hummus, and tabbouleh are an excellent example of the use of High Pressure Technology.

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A revolutionary method for the use of High Pressure by providing complete meat removal from it’s shell.

Oysters, Clams, Mussels, Lobsters, Crabs, Shrimp, Cod, Hake, and ready to eat seafood meals.

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Deli Meat

Meat products have been the main driver of the High Pressure technology in the last decade, which today is the most viable step to keep freshness, maintaining high sensorial and nutritional qualities, lower sodium levels, and improving food safety without the need for additives or artificial preservatives.

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Wet Salads

Wet Salads, also known as deli salads, include a combination of ingredients which could be carbohydrates (i.e. vegetables, fruits and/or starches from pasta, grains, legumes and lentils), fats (i.e. nuts, seeds and dressing components); and proteins (i.e. meat, tofu, seafood and meat analog substitute).

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